How does Time Doctor 2
improve employee productivity?

By giving you unparallelled insight into how your employees spend their time at work. These insights allow you to confidently remove low performers, or take action to make them more productive.

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Hours worked on computer

Hours worked on computer

See hours worked each day, week, or month. Analyze trends over time and drill down into any unusual changes.

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Time on computer vs breaks showcase

Time on computer vs breaks

Get a detailed look at when throughout each day your employees are actively using their computers, and when they’re not. Use this information to identify problem areas, or learn from the habits of high performers.

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Productivity rating

These ratings are based on ratios of time spent on websites and apps that YOU consider to be productive, unproductive, or neutral. View these ratings for your team as a whole, or for any individual employee.

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Website and application use

Website & application use

For any individual employee or for your team as a whole, see websites & applications used for whatever day, week, or month that you specify.

Understand how websites and applications correlate with employee outcomes. Are your best employees using email more or less often? Are Salespeople spending too much time on their CRM and not enough time on calls with clients? Don’t rely on self-reported data. Instead get the real data of how time is spent in your organization.

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Optionally, record screenshots of employee computers at any time interval that you specify.

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Keyboard and mouse activity

Track Levels of Keyboard & Mouse Activity

In addition to screenshots, levels of keyboard and mouse activity can be tracked and displayed along with the screenshots.

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Flexible & Scalable

On Premise and Cloud

On-Premise & Cloud

Use Time Doctor 2 in the cloud, or host it on your own servers.

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Whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees, Time Doctor 2 scales smoothly to accomodate your size.

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Need the software modified? Features added? We have the resources to customize Time Doctor 2 to meet your needs.

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