Detailed time-use analytics for your organization

Just as you use your accounting system to analyze where money is spent in your organization, Staff.com can show you where time is spent. Staff.com gives you the data you need to analyze business processes, understand the root causes of inefficiency in your business, and ultimately improve and maintain productivity.

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Silent & Interactive versions available

Silent: The Staff.com app will run in the background with no interaction from the user. This option is ideal for office-based employees when you don't need to track time to projects & tasks.

Interactive: This version allows your users to start & stop tracking their work, and to track time to projects & tasks that you set up. The interactive app is ideal for anyone who works remotely.

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Measure productivity

Staff.com will measure each user's productivity based on the websites and applications that they visit. You have control of the productivity rating of each website & application. For example time spent on Facebook is likely unproductive for most of your company, but you may want to rate it “productive” for your marketing department.

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Track hours worked on computers

See hours worked on computer per user, per department, or across your entire organization.

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Track websites & applications used

See time spent on each website & application. As with all metrics, you can see this data per user, per department, or aggregated for your entire organization.

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Track time spent on projects & tasks (optional)

Optionally, you can track how much time is spent on various projects, as well as on the tasks within each project.

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Screenshots (optional)

Have screenshots of your staff members monitors taken every 3 minutes, 10 minutes, or at whatever interval you specify. Levels of keyboard & mouse activity are also tracked along with each screenshot.

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Open API architecture

Staff.com is built on an API architecture which means that you can use our API to integrate with your own systems. Refer to our API documentation.

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Integration with your existing systems

For enterprise customers (1,000+ staff) our developers can work closely with you to integrate with your existing systems, build custom reporting, etc.

Staff.com is compatible with Windows Server & Active Directory. For quick setup, Staff.com can automatically identify users in Active Directory.

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